CWL Newsletter 2020 Nov-Dec

Spiritual Advisor

Fr. Oliver Iwuchukwu CSSp.

2019-2020 Executive


Kim Deans & Marla Tanuan

President Elect/ Organization & Membership


Clare Gotera


Tine Tolpa

Spiritual Development

Patricia Hall

Christian Family Life

Nancy Jane Martineau

Community Life

Tania Mascarenhas


Ju-Ann Miranda

Education & Health

Cheryl Mascarenhas

Resolution & Legislation

Past President & Historian

Lucia Vacca

CWL Care for our common home

A Message from the Spiritual Advisor – Fr. Oliver Iwuchukwu

November is once again upon us. This is the last month of the Liturgical year and this is the month we remember those who have passed on from this life to the next. It is a good month to reflect upon the past year and to remember that our stay on earth is also finite. May God give us the grace we need to recognize our need to live a life fully dependent on Him and fully devoted to Him.

Immediately following is the season of Advent, the time when we await in joyful hope the coming of the Messiah, the Prince of Peace. Yes, it is a time of preparation. A time to think about others who have less material goods than we have. It is also a time to rebuild broken relationships. It is a time to reconcile with God and with our neighbour. May God grant us the grace to fully meditate on our relationship with Him and our relationships with others.

A Message from the Presidents – Kim Deans and Marla Tanuan

Sisters in the League, we hope that you have been keeping safe and healthy in this trying time. Although we haven’t been able to spend our holidays in the same ways that we usually do, we hope that you have been able to keep in contact with your loved ones by phone and even by virtual meetings. Please take this quiet time to get closer to God, to improve your prayer life and to read scripture.

It’s sad that we won’t be able to have our Christmas Bazaar. Our council was lucky in that this year our finances were in very good shape. We were able to fulfill all our charitable commitments for this year and expect to be able to do so next year despite having to cancel both bazaars.

We will also miss seeing everyone at the Advent Potluck. Congratulations to everyone who has reached a key service milestone this year. The names can be found in this newsletter.

We were glad to see many of you at the Fall Scarborough Regional meeting. We hope to see you in our virtual meetings throughout next year.

Have a Blessed Christmas.

Kim and Marla

Organization & Membership – Lucia Vacca

Membership Matters

Organization & Membership – Lucia Vacca

Membership Renewal

Your CWL Membership Renewal for 2021 is NOW due.

Please complete the Membership form attached to this newsletter and return it as soon as possible.
Here are the ways that you can accomplish this task:

  1. You may drop it in the collection baskets at any Mass that you attend.
  2. You can drop it off at the Parish Office during office hours.
  3. You can drop it off at my home or mail it to me – 187 Calverley Trail, Scarborough, ON M1C 3Y4
  4. You can pay by e-transfer send to

Please be sure to clearly mark your envelope: “CWL MEMBERSHIP”. If you are writing a cheque, please make it payable to: St. Joseph’s CWL Memberships renewals are due to National by January 1st, 2021. The membership continues to be $25.00. This year we will once again have an early bird special for all renewals received on or before December 7th. One lucky member will be the winner of a draw from the renewals received to this date. The prize will be a $25.00 gift voucher, so don’t delay in completing your renewal and entering the draw. Need your full co-operation in completing this task. Your membership is valuable to the continuation of the service, work and existence of the League for years to come in service to God and Canada. National website:

Everyone of you is empowered to take the ownership and increase the membership, encourage your daughters, sisters, etc… to join us and be part of sisterhood to use their God given talents. We need young energy to carry on the history of this council (67yrs). The invitation is open to all ladies from 16 years of age and on.


If you have any questions, please call 416-283-3536

Organization & Membership – Lucia Vacca

Dear sisters in the League, As you know, every year we honour our members who have achieved a milestone service year with their service pin at our annual pot luck dinner. This year unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not able to celebrate together. If you wish to receive your well-deserved years of service pin, please call or contact me and we can make arrangements for pickup. Thank you for your understanding. Lucia 416-283-3536 or


Organization & Membership – Lucia Vacca

  • 50-Year Membership Pins
    • Agnes Fowler
    • Roma O’Meara
  • 40-Year Membership Pins
    • Barbara Clifford
  • 35-Year Membership Pins
    • Lina Civello
  • 30-Year Membership Pins
    • Irene Dillabough
  • 25-Year Membership Pins
    • Justine Csenge
    • Pierrette Emerson
    • Joy Ezemenari
    • Mary-Ann Lewis Rameriz
    • Juanita MacLean
    • Jocelyn Holder
    • Tina Zappulla

Organization & Membership – Lucia Vacca

  • 20-Year Membership Pins
    • Mary Cunningham
    • Rose Joseph
    • Winnie Yan
  • 15-Year Membership Pins
    • Bernise Clunas
    • Clementina Costa-D’Aguiar
    • Eileen D’Souza
    • Clare Gotera
    • Monique Isidor
    • Anne McDonald
    • Patricia Rubero
    • Margaret Wilton-Kuefler

Organization & Membership – Lucia Vacca

  • 10-Year Membership Pins
    • Colette Alvares
    • Charmaine Fernandes
    • Nancy Jane Martineau
    • Debra Silvera
    • Patsy Smith
  • 5-Year Membership Pins
    • Leahnette Acuna
    • Margaret Ayres
    • Jose Chundamala
    • Cecilia Chung
    • Maria Teresa de Manuel
    • Gloria des Vignes
    • Lucia Mak
    • Mai Tran

Organization & Membership – Lucia Vacca


We have been accepting your donations of men’s new socks and underwear, hats, gloves, scarves etc… for the Good Shepherd Center during our Potluck dinner. We have been blessed with so much generosity over the years. This year of this unprecedented time of pandemic with COVID-19 the need exists even more than ever for these items, please give what you can. This donation is one of the many ways we can action to keep the homeless and those in need with warm basic items during the winter months. Call 416-283-3536 to arrange drop off or pickup of these items.

Thank you!

A Message from Spiritual Development – Patricia Hall

Dear sisters in the league, I hope and I pray that you and your families are in good health and keeping safe from this virus. As we navigate our way through this pandemic many of us find ourselves filled with fear and anxiety asking questions such as why is this happening and how long will this go on? Still, as we go about our daily lives watching the number of cases rise we can’t help but feel the pain that so many are experiencing. Amid all this despair, there are blessings that are taking place. Families are spending more time together. Eating meals as a family and genuinely cherishing quality time together. It has also been a time of deep reflection. A time to reevaluate our priorities.

A new encyclical was introduced by Pope Francis in Assisi on the theme of Humanity and Fraternity on October 3rd, 2020 entitled “Fratelli Tutti”. or go to

Continuous “Hail Marys” on Saturday, October 31st

The Legion of Mary would like to thank the CWL for our continued support in taking part in the prayers to Our Lady, some in person while others remotely, the total number of prayers on this date was 1930.

November 2nd was All Souls Day.

Due to the pandemic, Pope Francis has announced that plenary indulgences will extend throughout the month of November. Stating that those who are homebound may spiritually pray for the deceased and still receive the indulgences.

The annual mass for Deceased members of Scarborough Region took place virtually and live streamed from Precious Blood Parish on November 4th Thank you to Fr. Xavior De Pinto.

The season of Advent will soon be upon us. A new liturgical year will begin with a four week liturgical season that precedes Christmas. Advent means “Coming” in Latin. Prepare the way for the Lord. The Lord is coming. This is the message of Advent, a time of grace. The word grace means gift. The gift is our precious Jesus. Our Lord and Saviour. Advent gives the faithful an opportunity to prepare for Christmas and to not only celebrate the birth of Christ but also to prepare for His final coming. In closing, my wish for you and your loved ones is to be filled with the peace of Christ which surpasses all human understanding. Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas!

God bless you all.

A Message from Spiritual Development – Patricia Hall

CWL Prayer for Renewal

God of new beginnings, ever faithful God, we thank You for your constant care for the women of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada. We have sought to serve You in faith by service to your people.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with the help of Our Lady of Good Counsel, we continue to discern Your call to seek justice and build Your Kingdom on earth each day.

We ask your guidance as we plan the evolution of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada. Grant us wisdom, the grace of discernment, and strength. May each of us open her heart and mind to Your will and welcome the new life You bring to the League.

We ask this through Jesus, Your beloved Son and Our Lord, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, God forever and ever.


– Sr. Susan Scott, CAF

IN MEMORIUM – Deceased Members in 2020 St. Joseph CWL


Angela Rodrigues – March 15


Doris McKeogh – June 20


Eternal Rest, grant unto them and let perpetual light shine upon them.

May all the faithful departed rest in peace.

A Message from Community Life – Tania Mascarenhas

cwl diversityinclusion e
cwl diversityinclusion e

A Message from Community Life – Tania Mascarenhas

On September 27, 2020, a few of our CWL members supported a workplace “Diversity & Inclusion” initiative by participating in the “Shoppers Drug Mart Walk/ Run for Women’s Mental Health” within a family bubble! Denise Bacon, Melrose McGill, Dianne Dias, Deepa Shapurkar, Tania Mascarenhas, Auriel Cordeiro and Danielle Giggie joined thousands of walkers and runners across Canada in the first ever virtual Walk/ Run for Women. They aimed for 5k each, but the beautiful weather and the onset of fall colours made for enthusiastic walking and they got to the finish line with ~65k collectively.

  • The “Run for Women” professes to be a celebration of the healing power of a loving community. It raises funds for institutions responsible for providing education, mental health, first aid training, support, and shelter for Women. It also celebrates the power of loving ourselves.
  • Research shows that running/walking is as effective as taking medication for mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Coming together to walk or run can heal the mind and restore the soul.
  • In Canada, 1 in 5 adults experience mental illnesses every year. According to the WHO, conditions such as depression and bipolar disorder affect women more than men, and in different ways.
  • Women face unique stresses and challenges that can have a negative impact on their mental health and can change at different life stages. For example, compared to men, women are more likely to:
    • hold multiple jobs
    • be single parents
    • experience family violence, or harassment
    • live on a low income
    • be family caregivers
    • live alone as seniors
  • Managing reproductive processes and/or life events can influence mental health. While ~80% of Canadian women experience mild mood disturbances after giving birth, ~10% – 15% can be affected by postpartum depression.

(This article was written by Auriel Cordeiro one of our CWL members. I was so happy to be part of this amazing “Run for Women” along with some of our other CWL members (and my family); Denise Bacon, Danielle Giggie, Auriel Cordeiro and Melrose McGill)

A Message from Community Life – Tania Mascarenhas

World Day of Poor

Pope Francis suggested the Catholic Church set aside one day each year when communities can “Stretch forth your hand to the poor” The Fourth World Day of the Poor will be observed on Sunday, November 15, 2020.

A Message from Education & Health – Cheryl Mascarenhas

Dear Sisters in the League,

Hope you have had a happy Thanksgiving and a safe back-to-school.

As we’ve just finished the season of Thanksgiving, let me start off by saying how grateful I am to be a part of this group and for your support. With the current pandemic status it is important to continue to take measures to stay safe.

We should remember it is still important to wear our masks, wash our hands, socially distance, and do our best to stay safe and to flatten the curve.

With schools having reopened and the pandemic progressing back into Stage 2, it can be a stressful and difficult time for us all, and this can have an impact on mental health. In Canada, October is recognised as Mental Health Awareness Month. Especially during troubling and stressful times like these, it is important to remember to care for your mental health along with your physical health.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, one in five Canadians will personally experience a mental health problem or illness, due to a combination of biological, environmental, and personal factors – but this year, this will be exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, every Canadian will be affected, directly or indirectly, by Mental Health and illness at some point.

Our daily lives have been considerably affected as a result of the pandemic – for students adapting to new classroom methods, healthcare workers trying to deal with rising medical cases, people trying to cope with loss, those economically affected, and everyone in general who is isolated, alone, or unable to reach out to friends due to the pandemic. We must do our part to reach out to each other for support.

World Mental Health Day falls on October 10th, an opportunity to talk about what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide. This year’s theme is “Mental Health for All”.
This year, it matters more than ever that we do what we can to enlighten ourselves and understand mental health, to reach out, to be there for each other, and be the network of support for our friends.

As well, it is important to know when to get help – this is perhaps the most important thing any of us can do.

The following helplines are available should you ever feel you need help:
Ontario Mental Health Helpline, Free Health Services Info: +1-866-531-2600 Telehealth Ontario: +1-866-797-0000

To learn more about Mental Health and how to support loved ones in times of need and crisis, more information can be found here: and

A Message from Communications – Ju-Ann Miranda


Be sure to follow us on Facebook at – CWL St. Joseph Highland Creek and The Catholic Women’s League

Websites of Interest

Salt & Light:
Salt & Light the Rosary:
Catholic Register:

CWL Websites as your resources:

Toronto and our own Parish for upcoming events.


A Message from Christian Family Life – Nancy Jane Martineau

In previous newsletters I had spoken about the new social encyclical called Laudato Si written by Pope Francis. Within this encyclical Pope Francis addresses climate or ecological issues and social complexities.

When looking at “Caring for our Common Home”, you cannot separate protecting the environment from combating poverty. We play an intricate role interacting with nature and respecting and protecting it in turn cares for humanity and vice versa.

The last 4 Ways You Can Live Laudato Si is the following

Advocate to protect our common home

There is an urgent need to develop policies so that, in the next few years, the emission of carbon dioxide and other highly polluting gases can be drastically reduced.

-Laudato Si’ 26

It seems surprising that during these unprecedented times there has been a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide in Toronto because of the number of individuals working from home. News reports during the summer months often spoke about the pollution levels being subsequently lower. It has been a silver lining during this pandemic and perhaps a call to re-think and take further action. What could the new work model look like for individuals?

  1. Find ways as a family to contribute to care for creation, such as taking children to the park for a clean up or even in your local neighbourhood. Buy local or plant your own garden.
  2. In Canada write to our MP and MPP or Federal Government regarding Global Warming. Here in Canada there is a rapid melting of Sea Ice in the Artic . This impacts food sources for Polar Bears and other animals. This melting of Sea Ice also will double carbon dioxide impacting both the ecosystem and humans.
  3. Ask each person in the family, including children, what your community could do to be kinder to creation. IE: reduce, reuse, recycling, asking ourselves do I really need to purchase this item?, donating clothing, towels etc

The Popes final focus is “civic and political love”. I like his thought on love being overflowing small gestures of mutual care “love for society and commitment to the common good are outstanding expressions of a charity which affects not only relationships between individuals but also macro-relationships, social economic and political ones.”

Make a small gesture by thinking of your neighbours, give them a call, perhaps a donation to the food bank or local charity.

Any small gesture of LOVE will make a difference in someone’s life.


A Message from Past President/Historian – Lucia Vacca

Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada took place on Saturday October 3rd 2020. Each council across Canada has been asked to plant a tree as a symbol for the theme of “Care for Our Common Home” as part of the Laudato Si Encyclical and to mark this 100th year milestone of the League created in 1920. Our council planted two “Sweet Summer Hydrangeas” on either side of the plaque of the “Unborn” with the hope that these plants will bloom each year and create a focal point. A special prayer service to reflect this event took place, with the Land Acknowledgement, League Prayer, Prayer of Thanksgiving, Creation Prayer, Reading from Genesis 1:26-2:3 and Intercessions concluding with A Prayer of Gratitude from Creation. Fr. Oliver graced us with a Blessing for all in attendance and of course the plants which will adorn the front of the Parish. We had about 25 members in attendance and three of the KofC members, with masks and socially distanced. Concluded with the Rosary. A beautiful sunny day.

cwl th anniversary
cwl th anniversary
cwl th anniversary
cwl th anniversary

A Message from Past President/Historian – Lucia Vacca


Work of the Strategic Plan is on-going with updates posted in the Take a look at the National website to see the monthly Implementation Committee Updates and be informed of this change in the League. Additional information will be sent in the next Canadian League magazine. A Notice of Motion for an instructed vote in 2021 for the change of the Constitution and Bylaws.

Blessings, Lucia Vacca

A Message from Past President/Historian – Lucia Vacca

Pneumonia Vests

cwl pvests e
cwl pvests e

A Message from Past President/Historian – Lucia Vacca

Members continue to create these vests for the premature/ newborn babies. These are sent to Africa and countries where incubators are not available. Keeping the babies warm.

Thank you to ladies who have been making these vests over a number of years: Jackie Nicholson, Joan Impraim, Maria Ricupero and Ingrid Hart-Noble

Thank you to Collette Fernandes for creating these tea towels and to those of you who did purchased them.  Proceeds will be going to St. Joseph Parish.

Thank you also to Lovina D’Souza and Emilda Rodricks for their generous donation towards our Charities.

Thank you to Cheryl Lobo for offering a mass of thanksgiving To our St. Joseph CWL Council.

Thank you also to a monetary gift from an anonymous CWL member towards the KofC initiative Coats for Kids supported by our Council

cwl gsc e

A Message from Past President/Historian – Lucia Vacca

Thank you for all your contributions to the Good Shepherd Centre with all the goodies that they need.

Continue to drop the items off at 193 East Avenue (East Avenue is one street east of Port Union Rd); the house is on the North East Corner of East and Baronial.

(Rice, Cereal, Canned soup, Canned corned beef, Granola/Protein Bars, Cookies, Chocolate Bars/Hard Candy, Mayonnaise, Salad dressing etc…)

Thank you! to Peter and Annie Alkins for the many years of service in providing this service to those in need.

The CWL Book Club

C.W.L. Book Club meets the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Please contact: Jackie (416-266-4604) for more details. These are the books we will discuss:

Month Book & Author Year Pages
Nov Crazy Rich Asians; Kevin Kwan 2013 403p.
Dec The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper; Pheaedra Patrick 2016 331p.
Jan The Fallen Architect; Charles Belfoure 2011 322p.
Feb The Massey Murder: a maid, her master and the trial that shocked a country; Charlotte Gray 2013 352p.

CWL Items for Purchase – “The League Scarf is an accessory that members will take pride in wearing at government presentations, conferences, seminars and local community functions. Wearing this beautiful scarf identifies and promotes the League.” (as per National Manual of Policy and Procedures)

  • CWL Blue Scarves $25.00
  • CWL White Name Tags $5.00
  • CWL Scarf Clip $17.00
cwl newsletter

NEW SPECIAL COMMEMORATION PIN FOR THE 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE TORONTO DIOCESAN COUNCIL $10.00 each – if you are interested in ordering one call Lucia 416-283-3536

Reminders for General Meetings:

Members are encouraged to bring their own mugs to meetings, so please remember to “Lug A Mug”.

We are also collecting the following items:

  • Pop Tabs for Wheelchairs
  • Donations of extra blank cards and birthday cards are welcomed and appreciated.
  • Donations of your extra Rosaries or Religious items are welcomed.
  • Milk bags (clean/dry) are being collected to be used in the project of making sleeping mats and sent to Africa for those in need through Dr. Simone.
  • Collecting your used postage stamps being sent to Development & Peace and Dr. Simone.
  • We continue to make pneumonia vests for the premature babies. If you have extra wool or would like to make these vests give us a call and we will forward the pattern to follow.

We are also collecting non-perishable food items at each of our General Meetings to support our St. Joseph Outreach Program. Many are in need, please be generous.

THERE IS A LARGE YELLOW BOX IN THE NARTHEX – Drop off your donations. Your support to the St. Joseph Refugee Outreach is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Dates to Remember

December 14 (Monday) General Meeting – 7:30 p.m. Advent – VIRTUAL
January 11 (Monday) General Meeting – 7:30 p.m. VIRTUAL
January 23 (Saturday) Scarborough Region Winter Event – VIRTUAL
February 8 (Monday) General Meeting – Rosary 7:30 VIRTUAL
February 20 (Saturday) Toronto Diocesan Council — Development Day this event will be VIRTUAL – information will be forthcoming
cwl newsletter   hb

A Prayer for Life


Lord, we thank you for the gift of life – our own life, the lives of our loved ones, the lives of those we don’t love, the life that erupts around us every spring.

We pray for those who are fragile, those whose lives are precarious and depend on others –
for the unborn, helpless in the womb,
for the very old, in a twilight of waiting,
for the migrants, clinging to hope,
for the exploited, imprisoned in fear,
for the condemned, hurried to death at the hands of others.

We pray for those with influence over the lives of their fellow human beings,
over those who are helpless –
for mothers who carry life within them,
for the caregivers and visitors,
for the border patrol,
for the entrepreneurs,
for those who sit in judgment,

help them to see
the beauty of the lives in their care,
to do no harm,
but work for its flourishing.

Raymond Friel and David Wells, At Your Side: Prayers for Messy, Delightful, Complicated, Outrageous Everyday Life (Toronto: Novalis, 2020), p. 35

This year’s Christmas 2020 issue is inspired by traditional paintings of the Nativity. Along with the central figures of Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus, the stamp also includes an ox and a donkey – two additions made popular by St. Francis of Assisi.

Be sure to purchase these stamps at Canada Postal Services – ask for these stamps.

Stamp Book: Christmas 2020 – Nativity