Sunday 9:00 am Choir

Sunday 9:00 am Choir - Directed by Isis Rebello

GuitarPianoChoral tunes sung from Hymn Books accompanied by the melodic tunes of an Electric Acoustic Guitar played by Isis Rebello. Accompaniment is provided by the church organist, Gerard Johnston.

You can get in contact with the Choir Director at (416)-286 0707

The 9:00 am choir performs at other events in an around the church. Below is a collection of excerpts from the various events performed during the last few months

Sunday 9:00 am Choir – Christmas Bells 2017

The 9:00 am choir performing at the 2017 Christmas Bells held at St. Joseph’s Church Hall in December 2017. The below of a playlist collection of the performances. be sure to watch them all…

Sunday 9:00 am Choir – Funeral Mass – John Lee

The 9:00 am choir performing at his Funeral Mass of John Lee