Youth Ministry – HS Foundations

HS Foundations - On Board Yet?

Study Theology of the Body, The Mass and other topics. The sessions will be held in the St Joseph's Church Hall with a 4:00 pm start, unless noted.

Apparel will be made available at a nominal cost. Optional activities may be subject to a fee.

Events & Activities


Month Start Time
February 4th 4:00 pm
March 4th 4:00 pm
April 8th 5:00 pm - after Divine Mercy
May 6th 4:00 pm
June 3rd 4:00 pm
July 8th 6:00 pm - after Parish Picnic CANCELLED - Please join the Parish Picnic from 12:30 to 5 PM
September 9th 4:00 pm
October 14th 4:00 pm
November 4th 4:00 pm
December 2nd 4:00 pm


If you are in High School and would like to join us, please download and print the following files...

Return your completed registration form to the Youth Minister by Uploading it here.

You could alternatively hand it to the parish office.