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EDGE Youth Ministry – where youth lead youth TO THE HEIGHTS

All grade 6, 7 and 8 students are invited to join St. Joseph’s EDGE Youth Ministry in Scarborough. Registration is free this year.

EDGE promotes a sense of belonging within the Body of Christ as a Catholic through challenges, activities and prayer. This Youth Ministry also fosters community within the Body of Christ by creating a fun, safe environment (online or in-person) where we discover some of the riches of the Catholic Faith.

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It’s important that EDGE participants (aka EDGErs) understand that the Body of Christ is not limited to St Joseph’s EDGE youth ministry. Their family and all parishioners are also part of the Body of Christ.

With that perspective, we participate in corporal works of Mercy with other St Joseph ministries like the Knights of Columbus (Out-of-the-Cold), the St Vincent de Paul Society (Bundle-Up Weekend), the CWL (collect pop tabs, egg cartons and milk bags). We also join the congregation for devotionals such as Stations of the Cross and First Friday Mass and the Divine Mercy Novena. We even go beyond our parish to join youth from the Archdiocese at the Lift Jesus Higher Rally and at EDGE Camp.

Once all COVID restrictions have lifted, we will again participate in all those activities with excitement.


Angie Bernard
Youth Minister

647-242-8429 (cell)


EDGE meets every 2nd Friday, with some exceptions, from 7 PM to 8:30 PM.

There are two EDGE family nights outside and in-person, but all other EDGE Nights are online until further notice. Below is our schedule for the 2021-2022 year.

2021-10-29EDGE KICK-OFF - For EDGErs AND their family - OUTSIDE (if raining,we will need to go online)
2021-11-12EDGE Online
2021-11-26EDGE Online
2021-12-07EDGE Online
2022-01-14EDGE Online or in person
2022-01-28EDGE Online or in person
2022-02-11EDGE Online or in person
2022-03-04STATIONS of the CROSS: EDGErs and families join the congregation online or in church.
2022-03-11EDGE Online or in person
2022-03-12Lift Jesus Higher Rally – A youth rally; online or in person
2022-03-18STATIONS of the CROSS: EDGErs and families join the congregation online or in church.
2022-03-25EDGE Online or in person
2022-04-01STATIONS of the CROSS: EDGErs and families join the congregation online or in church.
2022-04-08EDGE Online or in person
2022-04-15Good Friday Mass at 12 noon: EDGErs and families join the congregation in church.
2022-04-15Divine Mercy Novena Online EDGErs and Families. Until April 24.
2022-04-22EDGE Online or in person
2022-05-06First Friday Mass EDGErs and families join the congregation in church.
2022-05-12EDGE Online or in person
2022-05-27EDGE Online or in person
2022-06-03First Friday Mass EDGErs and families join the congregation in church.
2022-06-10EDGE Online or in person
2022-06-24EDGE For EDGErs AND their family,in-person,OUTSIDE

Hopeful EXTRA & In-person Activities

We are still hopeful that EXTRA, and in-person activities will resume at some point. To be ready when they do, the youth ministry has scheduled activities that encourage Social Justice, Community Prayer and Relational Ministry. We propose the following activities only if they are happening and are safe to participate in:

Potential Social Justice Opportunities

Friday in Feb (TBD)possible Out of the Cold Social Justice Night with St Joseph’s Knights of Columbus (one parent must accompany their youth)
AprilBundle Up weekend with St Joseph’s St Vincent de Paul Society

Potential Relational Ministry Opportunity

June 24thEDGE Night outside at the church EDGE Camp (see above)


If you are in Grade 6, 7 or 8 and would like to join us, please click on the Registration Button below. A welcome email will be sent to you within 5 days of registration. Please check your SPAM and Junk folders if you do not see it.

Call, text or email Angie at 647-242-8429, if you have questions

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Events & Activities

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  • EDGE celebrates HOLY-Ween
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