How To – Hall Audio

Step 1

Input Sockets

The Audio inputs are in the front of the pillar underneath the LEFT SIDE TV SCREEN when you are facing front. There are 2 RCA Jacks – for RIGHT AND LEFT channels. Also on the same pillar is a MIC input jack.

Step 2

Plug in Cable

Plug in an RCA to Single Pin 3.5 mm cable

You will need this cable to be plugged into the audio inputs. The single pin goes into your computer headphone output or your tablet/phone/mp3 player headphone output. This cable will be available in the caretakers room where the remote controls are kept

Step 3

Set output audio

Set your computer to output audio over headphones. (only for computers)

Ensure your computer audio is not set to output audio over HDMI. This sometimes is the default when you are  using the projector. So go to your audio settings and change audio to output on the headphone output. This step is generally not needed for other devices. (Note that some devices may not have a headphone output and you may need to carry your own adapter)

Step 4


Switch on the amplifier

Head over to the caretakers room and switch on the amplifier using the RED rocker switch which will light up.

Step 5

audio level

Adjust the audio level on the amplifier 

Set the audio level by adjusting MIC 1. Set it about halfway first and check if your audio is satisfactory. You can make finer level adjustments from your computer/ device.

Avoid setting the MIC 1 higher than 80%

Step 6


When finished please ensure the Amplifier is turned off before you unplug your devices and also please ensure the input audio cord is returned to the caretakers room.