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Welcome to St. Joseph's Catholic Church!

St. Joe’s, as the church is locally known, is located in the picturesque Highland Creek region of Scarborough, Ontario Canada. One of the older churches in the region, it was built to serve the growing catholic community. Currently, its home to a very broad tapestry of parishioners that have originated from almost all parts of the globe.

St. Joseph is the patron of the Universal Church, unborn children, fathers, workers, travellers, immigrants, and a happy death.

Did you know?

St. Joseph’s was the first Catholic church of the Archdiocese of Toronto built in Scarborough. It is the fourth oldest in the City of Toronto. (Source: Archdiocese of Toronto – Archives)

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St. Joseph is the patron saint of our great country, Canada!

The Feast of St. Joseph is celebrated on or around March 19th each year.  Check the weekly news & activities schedule for the exact feast day.

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The parish is ministered by the congregation of the Holy Ghost Fathers also knows as Spiritans.