October 30th, 2022 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Masses for the Week

Sat Oct 29 09:00 AMSheldon Hannah - RIP
Sat Oct 29 05:00 PMSalvador Miranda - RIP
Sun Oct 30 09:00 AMJack Pais - RIP
Sun Oct 30 11:00 AMPeople of the Parish
Sun Oct 30 07:00 PMMarlene DonPaul - RIP
Mon Oct 31 09:00 AMJovita S. Dayot - RIP
Tue Nov 1 09:00 AMSouls in Purgatory - RIP
Wed Nov 2 09:00 AMLiving & Deceased Members of Mislang & Paraan Family.
Thu Nov 3 09:00 AMDeceased members of The Legion of Mary - RIP
Fri Nov 4 09:00 AMNassem (Jimmy) Shiekh - RIP
Souls in Purgatory - RIP
Martin & Arnolta Raposo - RIP
Alfred & Mitalda Hannah - RIP
Carmine & Venze Maione -RIP
Fri Nov 4 07:30 PM† Vivian O' Conner
† Maureen Noble
† Deceased members of the Baduria family
† Torrano Cuenca family
† Maria Moncada
Sat Nov 5 09:00 AMNassem(Jimmy) Shiekh - RIP
Sat Nov 5 05:00 PMJustin Silva Ferreira - RIP


We are happy to serve

You can register online or registration forms are provided at the back of the Church.


Jesus does not wait for our invitation, but invites himself to be our guest. Zacchaeus, a tax collector is so anxious to see Jesus that he forgets his dignity and climbs a tree. The crowd is surprised that Jesus notices this man and impatient when he hurries him down and invites himself to the rich man’s house. Zacchaeus is joyful but the crowd is taken aback by this instantaneous conversion. The man proves his sincerity by pledging both charity and restitution in abundance. Jesus is delighted to bestow the blessing of salvation on a house where no one was expected to be saved. This is the mercy and forgiveness of God who wants us all to be saints whose glory is Christ.


So far in 2022, we have made over 174 home visits providing food and clothing vouchers, beds and other assistance to some 64 families in our parish and the immediate surroundings consisting of 115 children and 141 adults. 

Please find the full report on the church’s bulletin boards and website with handouts at the back of the church. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. 


The Refugee and Outreach Committee would like to thank our fellow parishioners, our school communities, CWL and Knights of Columbus for your generous, and ongoing food, toiletries, and monetary donations Because of these, our food room shelves are well stocked, and we have been able to continue to distribute food and toiletries on the last Saturday of every month, even during COVID. We are pleased to continue to accept any donations placed in the boxes in the Narthex, and appreciate your continued support. 


After a 2 year hiatus due to COVID, weekly Thursday sessions will resume downstairs in Room 2 on Nov. 3rd after the 9 AM mass. These involve a 1 hour gathering for anyone interested in expanding their understanding and appreciation of the Catholic faith through video presentations, Scripture study, seasonal meditations etc. Refreshments and good company are included. No fees or attendance commitment required. 

Come and see! 



Saturday, Nov. 12, 2022 at 9:00 am 

Join this webinar and learn about the importance of a Will, Powers of Attorney & Estate Planning as well as Catholic teachings and traditions around cremation. The Archdiocese of Toronto estate planning team & Catholic Cemeteries & Funeral Services will share: 

  • How to ensure that your wishes are legally protected 
  • How to protect your loved ones with a proper Will. 
  • Powers of Attorney and Estate Trustee selection 
  • Finding lawyers and estate planning advisors 
  • Catholic traditions around wills, cremation , burials & funerals 

To register, send us an email to: development@archtoronto.org 

Please include ‘webinar November 12th’ in the subject line and provide your name in the body of a message. we would be grateful if you could let us know whether you are planning to watch this webinar alone or together with a family member. You will receive a link closer to the webinar. 


All are invited, young and old – we are especially in need of men’s voices. Previous musical training is an asset but not required. Rehearsals are held on Sunday after the 11am mass. Please see the choir director, Jason Gotera for more information 


Please visit FORMED at (https://formed.org) where you can gain access to thousands of the best Catholic movies, programs, audio and books instantly. This incredible resource is available to our parishioners for free! Please call the Parish Office for the Parish Access code and/or more information.


Through Escape Room Enigmas, youth explored Angels and Saints. Angels live in heaven, but Saints are born human on earth, die, and now live in heaven by the grace of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

A Saint has realized the human’s full potential.

Do YOU want to reach your FULL POTENTIAL?

For more information and to register, go to: