Masses for the Week

Sat May 13 09:00 AMIntention of Tony & Celina Zagrai
Sat May 13 05:00 PM† Margaret Wilton Kuefler
Sun May 14 09:00 AMIntention of the Robbins Family
Sun May 14 11:00 AMPeople of the Parish
Sun May 14 07:00 PM† Alvin I. Ferrer Sr.
Mon May 15 09:00 AMIntention of Stella De Souza
Tue May 16 09:00 AMIntention of Aiden Englebert
Wed May 17 09:00 AM† Pedro Manalansan
Thu May 18 09:00 AM† Teresa Giordano
Fri May 19 09:00 AM† Deceased members of the Zagrai family
† Richard Figueira
† Betty Nolan
† Deceased members of the Michael and Marian Cunningham Family
† Grazia Cerqua
† Giuseppe Cornacchia
Sat May 20 09:00 AMIntentions of Liza Lobo
Sat May 20 05:00 PM† Felicitas Ellazar

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Today’s gospel is a continuation of Jesus’ discourse on the love of Father and Son, telling how we are to be included within that communion. Jesus will send the Spirit who, like Christ , will act as our advocate and defender before the world. In John’s gospel “the world” represents those who reject Christ; they cannot know the Spirit or be aware of Christ’s presence. He shares his risen life with all who love him. To be caught up in the life of Father and Son we must keep Christ’s commandments, especially the precept to love which is the norm of our conduct. The Christian experiences Christ’s presence as love and manifests him to the world by love. The first reading tells about the Good News of Jesus being welcomed in Samaria, where the Spirit is given by the laying of hands. It is the Spirit of Christ in our hearts which enables us to live the Christian life steadfastly . We may even be called to imitate the innocent Christ by suffering persecution for our faith, Peter’s letter reminds us.

Happy Mother’s Day!

 A Prayer for All Mothers 

O God the Father, Creator of all Life, Lifespring of all Mothers and Fathers, you who chose Mary to be the Mother of your Divine Son, bless now with your love and protection all Mothers, that they may treasure the lives and spiritual well being of their children. 

O God the Son, Jesus our Lord and Redeemer, you who gave us your Mother as our own Mother, bless my own Mother, she who gave me the great gift of life that I may continue to be a loving and grateful child. 

O God the Holy Spirit, poured out on Mary and on all followers of Jesus, bless all who have had a mother’s influence on my own life, bless all those close to me who are mothers, and especially bless all those who carry life within expectant as mothers. 


Talking Matters’, is a research based ‘life‘ drama on living with Dementia issues. This award-winning play tells the story of David and Inga, two elderly residents in a long term care home and their challenges with volunteer and professional caregivers. Please pick up a poster with more detailed information at the back of the church. 

Thursday May 18, 2023 Time : 7:30 PM 

@ St. Joseph’s Catholic Church 

Cost per person: $ 10.00 For tickets call: 

Gerry Sheehan 416 282-7181 or Gloria Moniz 416 286-4878 


The Missionary Families of Christ invites you to a Christian Life Seminar open to all adult men and women. The Seminar is an integrated course intended to lead the participants into a renewed understanding of and response to God’s call to them as Christians. Every Friday at 7pm from April 14 – May 19 , 2023 in St. Joseph’s basement hall. 


Sharelife 2023 Goal

The ShareLife Ministry is active in the Parish of St. Joseph’s. If you are interested in joining or have questions regarding The ShareLife ministry, you

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Starting from Friday, June 2 there will be Holy Hour from 9:30 a.m.—10:30 a.m. on First Fridays only. There will no longer be Holy Hour for other Fridays in each month. This is all in the spirit of returning to our pre– COVID parish schedules. The First Friday Holy Hour will begin with the Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and will end with Benediction. The usual First Friday Confessions will be available only within the Holy Hour timeline. 

TDC St. Michaels Scholarship

The Toronto Diocesan Council of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada is offering a scholarship of $3,000 to St. Michael’s College. This scholarship is open to any young woman who is of Catholic faith, who is completing her secondary school education, and who has indicated on her application to the University of Toronto that St. Michael’s College is her first choice. The applicant must be entering the Faculty of Arts and Science in one of the following areas of study: Commerce, Computer Science, Humanities and Social Sciences or Sciences. The applications must be submitted by May 31, 2023.

For further information, please contact Lucia Vacca at 416-283-3536 


The Prayer Group is looking for different types of Musicians (guitarists, keyboard, singers etc.) to support their Music Ministry, which meets twice a month from 7.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.. Contact Patricia Furtado at 416- 724-8570 or Michael McManus at 416-438-8453 

Marian Day of Prayer

Prophesy for Today and the End of the Age 

Speakers: Fr. Terrence McKenna, Moira Noonan, Christine Watkins 

Saturday, May 27th, 2023 9 am– 6 pm. Good Shepherd Chaldean Cathedral, North York. 

Free Admission. Register at or call 416-251-4245 

Holy Eucharist – Transportation


Those wishing to take the Holy Eucharist to their sick loved ones must do so with a pyx.

They must also have the pyx burse/ purse hanging down their necks for reverently placing and taking the Eucharist.

Without the pyx and the pyx burse/purse we will be unable to give the Eucharist for people in this circumstance.

Edge Youth Ministry

Coming soon on June 9th, open Edge night for all youth in Grade 5, 6, 7 and 8. Come to the Narthex at 6:45 PM. No registration needed 

If you are not an Edger yet, please visit our website at: 


Please visit FORMED at ( where you can gain access to thousands of the best Catholic movies, programs, audio and books instantly. This incredible resource is available to our parishioners for free! Please call the Parish Office for the Parish Access code and/or more information.

Sharelife 2023 Goal