Masses for the Week

Sat Jul 1 09:00 AM† Neal and Bob Farquharson
Sat Jul 1 05:00 PM† Naseem (Jimmy) Shiekh
Sun Jul 2 09:00 AM† Michael, Maurice & Myrtle D' Souza
Sun Jul 2 11:00 AMPeople of the Parish
Sun Jul 2 07:00 PM† Kenneth Ramdeen
Mon Jul 3 09:00 AM† Luzviminda Maristanes
Tue Jul 4 09:00 AM† Helen Stewart
Wed Jul 5 09:00 AMIntention of Chandra Udai
Thu Jul 6 09:00 AM† Lucia Sequeira
Fri Jul 7 09:00 AM† Naseem (Jimmy) Shiekh
† Souls in Purgatory
† Sever Zagrai
† Julia & Damaso Quiogue
† Kevin Barry O'Hehir
† Frawca Agueci
† Maude Britto
Intention of Thomas George
Intention of Sonia Sarmago
Intention of Ian & Christine Domingo
Fri Jul 7 07:30 PM† Florie Vegas D'Souza
† Mercia & Paul Barbosa
† Eusebia Bensi
† V. T. Ganesh
† Yee Fan & Nancy NG
† Ron Zong
Intention of Fr. Francis Folleh
Intention of Anne Singh & family
Sat Jul 8 09:00 AM† Annie Alvares
Sat Jul 8 05:00 PM† Felicitas Ellazar

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Holy Eucharist – Transportation


Those wishing to take the Holy Eucharist to their sick loved ones must do so with a pyx.

They must also have the pyx burse/ purse hanging down their necks for reverently placing and taking the Eucharist.

Without the pyx and the pyx burse/purse we will be unable to give the Eucharist for people in this circumstance.


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