December 18 2016: 4th Sunday in Advent – Year A

Masses for the Week

Sat Dec 17

  • 9:00am Valerie Crasto
  • 5:00pm Maria & Bruno Rizzuto

Sun Dec 18

  • 9:00am Ercole Raponi
  • 11:00am For the People of the Parish
  • 7:00pm John Hedley Nicolle

Mon Dec 19

  • 9:00am Mercedes Lachica

Tues Dec 20

  • 9:00am Ina, Neville & John DaSilva

Wed Dec 21

  • 9:00am Martin Coyle

Thurs Dec 22

  • 9:00am Hanorah Fitzgerald

Fri Dec 23

  • 9:00am
    • Intention of Christian Santos
    • Deceased Members of the Legion of Mary
    • Atilano & Rose Dizon
    • Leoncio & Agapita Torrano
    • Vince Maione

Sat Dec 24

  • 9:00am Intention of Genna Mandyk- Scrivens
  • 5:00pm For the Children of the World
  • 7:30pm For Peace in the World
  • 12:00am For the People of the Parish


God, Emmanuel, is with us. The promise made long ago to King Ahaz is fulfilled. That king lacked trust in God, and feared to ask for a sign. Matthew applies this ancient prophecy to Jesus’ birth, of a virgin who at last put total faith in God. But what was Mary’s predicament? We must not let false piety obscure what an earlier age saw clearly. Mat-thew tells the story from Joseph’s point of view. We hear of an angel’s visit to him rather than to Mary, for she was misunderstood and Joseph faced a dilemma. As a just man, he must obey the Law and repudiate his pregnant fiancé; as compassion-ate, he did not want to expose her to disgrace or punishment. He was about to divorce Mary quietly when God revealed his design. This child to be born, who will save from sin, shares with those closest to him the uncertainties and anguish of human life. Even his parents must learn to trust God completely. As Christmas nears, let us pray for trust like Mary’s and Joseph’s, that God may work out his plan in each of us.

Sunday Mass Book

Family Of Faith Campaign Update

Ten (10) months ago we completed the Family of Faith campaign. In total, our parishioners pledged $820,005 and St Joseph will receive $267,500 once all pledges are collected.

The outpouring of generosity and sacrifice by our parish families was astounding and inspiring. My heartfelt thanks to all the families and individuals that made pledges to the Family of Faith campaign.

In order for our campaign to be successful and complete, we need to collect the full amount pledged of $820,005. As of September 2016, $141,660 was received from parishioners.

Some pledges are not being fulfilled due to incomplete payment information, changed credit card number/expiry date, or payment delayed/overdue. If your pledge falls into these categories, you might have already received one or more letters from the Family of Faith campaign Donation Processing Centre.

Please contact the Donation Processing Centre at your earliest convenience at: or 416.934.3400 ext. 555.

And remember if you make your contribution before December 31, you can take advantage of the tax deduction when you file your 2016 tax returns.

Fr. Oliver Iwuchukwu

2016 Advent, Christmas & New Year Season Schedule

The Archdiocesan Day of Confession

  • Thursday, December 15, 2016
    • 10.00am - 2.00pm

Parish Advent Reconciliation Service

  • Monday, December 19, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.
    • A number of priests will be available at this time.

Christmas Eve Masses

Saturday, December 24, 2016

  • 5:00p.m. Nativity Play & Carol singing begins at 4:25p.m.
    • (Sunday Celebration Group)
    • Children can bring their teddy bears and stuffed animals for blessing 
  • 7:30p.m Carol singing begins at 7:00p.m.
    • (Saturday Folk Group)
  • 9:00p.m. Pilipino Mass
    • Carol singing begins at 8.30 p.m.
  • 12:00a.m. Midnight Mass
    • Carol singing begins at 11:15 p.m.
    • (Choir led by Jason Gotera)

Christmas Day Masses

Sunday, December 25, 2016

  • 9:00a.m. (Choir led by Isis Rebello)
  • 11:00a.m. (Choir led by Jason Gotera)

[wp-svg-icons icon="notification" wrap="i"] No Evening Mass on Christmas Day

New Year’s Day/Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God & World Day of Peace

Saturday, December 31, 2016

  • Masses:
    • 9:00a.m.
    • 5:00p.m.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

  • Masses:
    • 9:00a.m.
    • 11:00a.m.
    • 7:00p.m.

The Epiphany of the Lord

Saturday, January 7, 2017

  • Masses:
    • 9:00am
    • 5:00p.m.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

  • Masses:
    • 9:00a.m.
    • 11:00a.m.
    • 7:00p.m.

St. Vincent De Paul Christmas Appeal

Vincent De Paul - Christmas AppealAll donations, large or small, are appreciated. They can be placed in the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Poor Box after Mass or dropped off at the Parish Office.

If you or your workplace would like to sponsor a family, give us a call for details on a family. Please contact us before December 4th which is the date that we would like to have our Christmas list completed.

Your donation and other donations are combined to purchase gift cards from No-Frills and Walmart to match the needs of the families on our Christmas List. Early donations are greatly appreciated.

Income Tax receipts are given for all donations received. These receipts will be mailed out in late January 2017. Store receipts are required for donated gift cards/baskets.

If you know of any family in the parish who could use some help this Christmas or if you need further information, contact us through the Parish Office at 416-282-0370 Ext. 217.

Sacramental Preparation - Key Dates 2016 - 2017

First Communion

  • 1st Parent Meeting
    • Sunday, February 5th at 1:00pm in the Church Hall
  • Repeat 1st Parent Meeting
    • Monday, February 6th, @7.00pm in the Church

(You are encouraged to bring your children to this session as we will do a walk-through of the Eucharist Celebration)

  • 2nd Parent Meeting
    • Sunday March 5th @ 1:00pm in the Church Hall
  • Repeat 2nd Parent Meeting
    • Monday, March 6 @ 7:00pm in the Church

(You are encouraged to bring your children to this session as we will do a walk-through of the Eucharist Celebration)

Confirmation Classes

January - May 2017

Class Lists are posted at the Church, on the Narthex Bulletin Boards

Thanks / Welcome

As we wish Winifred Martin a long and enjoyable Retirement after five years of service to our Parish community, please join us in welcoming Lisa Bartram, the new Parish Secretary as she comes on board our office team on Monday, December 19, 2016

Faith Enrichment

The Faith Enrichment Group will not meet on the next 2 Thursday mornings, i.e. Dec. 22 and 29, but will resume on January 5, 2017.

A Blessed Christmas to all!

Archdiocese of Toronto Celebrates 175th Anniversary

December 17 marks the 175th anniversary of the Arch-diocese of Toronto, kicking off a year-long celebration of this historic milestone. Originally part of the Diocese of Kingston, on December 17, 1841, Pope Gregory XVI formally created the Diocese of Toronto and named Michael Power its first bishop.

The Archdiocese of Toronto is planning numerous historical and spiritual activities to commemorate the 175th anniversary, including a large-scale celebration at St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica on May 30, 2017. In acknowledging this significant anniversary, Cardinal Thomas Collins remarked:

“It is a tremendous blessing to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the Archdiocese of Toronto. It is always a joy to express my gratitude to those, past and present, who have made incredible contributions to our city, province and country, inspired by their faith. Over the next year, we will honour the past, energize our present faith community and look forward to an exciting future.”

More information on the Archdiocese of Toronto 175th celebrations can be accessed by visiting: