Indigenous Healing & Reconciliation Fund – Special Collection – October 1st & 2nd 2022

Catholics throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto are invited to participate in the collection being held the weekend of October 1/2 to support the Indigenous Healing & Reconciliation Fund. The collection is a national grassroots effort to assist healing and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples of This Land. The fund was the result of a $30 million financial commitment made by the Canadian Bishops in September 2021.

Funds will support culture and language revitalization, education and community building, healing and reconciliation for communities and families and dialogue involving Indigenous elders, spiritual leaders and youth with a focus on Indigenous spirituality and culture.

This is an opportunity to follow the invitation of the Holy Father made earlier this year for each one of us to become engaged in the healing and reconciliation journey. 

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Thank you for your generosity.

October 1st & 2nd, 2022 Special Collection - Indigenous Healing & Reconciliation

Our country continues to undergo an examination of our relationships with Indigenous Peoples. The Catholic Church in Canada has been deeply engaged in the journey of healing and reconciliation, most notably through the visit of Pope Francis this past summer.

As part of our ongoing efforts, the Archdiocese of Toronto has made a firm commitment to provide funds in support of programs and initiatives that respond to the various needs that exist among Indigenous Peoples both locally and throughout the country.

The Indigenous Healing & Reconciliation fund is part of a national effort announced by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Bishops of Canada have made a $30-million collective financial commitment to support healing and reconciliation initiatives among Indigenous Peoples.  The archdiocese will contribute six million dollars towards the national pledge. The collection on October 1/2  provides an opportunity for the faithful to contribute to this important initiative.

For more information or to donate online please visit: – thank you for your generosity!

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – September 30, 2022

This year’s National Day for Truth and Reconciliation will take place on Friday, September 30, 2022. Cardinal Collins will preside at the 7:30 a.m. Mass from St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica with participation from Indigenous members of the community. All are welcome in person or via livestream

The Archdiocese of Toronto will also hold a special collection the weekend of October 1/2, 2022 to support the Indigenous Healing & Reconciliation Fund. The fund will support both local and national programs proposed by Indigenous communities to nurture the ongoing reconcilation journey. You can donate through your local parish or online anytime at:

Frequently Asked Questions - Indigenous Healing & Reconciliation Fund

While the Government of Canada released Catholic Entities in 2015 from the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (IRSSA) based on a determination that all obligations had been met, Canada’s Bishops recognized that a “best efforts” campaign did not yield the results that were hoped for. In September 2021, the Catholic Bishops of Canada made a $30 million national pledge to establish and fund the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund, ensuring the fund will:

  • Have financial measures in place to ensure transparency and good governance;
  • Be comprised of Indigenous and Catholic members;
  • Fund projects identified by Diocesan/Regional Reconciliation committees comprising of Indigenous and Catholic membership;
  • Ensure any administrative costs are on top of the $30 million being raised; and

Provide regular public updates.

73 dioceses throughout Canada have made specific commitments to suport the fund with the Archdiocese of Toronto pledging six million dollars over a period of five years. The approach to raising funds will vary from diocese to diocese throughout the country. In most dioceses, an opportunity for parishioners to support the fund will be offered, recognizing the desire of the Catholic community to contribute and participate in the ongoing journey of healing and reconciliation. Parishioners in the Archdiocese of Toronto can contribute to the fund anytime by or through a special collection taking place in churches the weekend of October 1/2, 2022.

The directors of the Board include Indigenous leaders from across the country.  The most recent addition to the Board is the Honourable Graydon Nicholas, CM, ONB, LL.D, who has a lengthy history of working for justice for First Nations and other people. Members of the corporation who appoint Board directors are senior Catholic leaders representing service organizations like the Catholic Women’s League, St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Knights of Columbus.

The Indigenous Reconciliation Fund Board of Directors announced in July 2022 that the fund is officially accepting proposals and distributing funds for projects in support of healing and reconciliation. Projects are determined locally in consultation with First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples – the first proposal received approval on July 15, 2022. The Fund has already collected $4.6 million from Catholic dioceses across the country, as part of a nationwide commitment to raise $30 million over the next five years. Project proposals from Diocesan / Regional Reconciliation Committees are being presented to the Fund, as part of an effort to support and encourage local collaboration between Catholic entities and Indigenous partners. All applications for funding must first be submitted through local Diocesan / Regional Reconciliation Committees.

Additional Resources for Parishes

Catholic Bishops of Canada Apology to the Indigenous Peoples of This Land

Reflections from Indigenous Community Members/Partners

Brief video excerpts from Deacon John Brown, Graydon Nicholas, Maria Lucas, Fr. Michael Knox SJ and Elder John Robinson (now deceased). These brief videos cover a number of different topics, most presented by Indigenous voices. They can serve as an opportunity for education and awareness, in the lead up to National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Sept. 30) and for the October 1/2 collection to support the Healing & Reconciliation Fund.

The Catholic Register

is producing a commemorative magazine for the recent papal visit. The 64-page full colour magazine, From Penance to Progress, features Rome-to-Canada-to-Rome coverage with original you-are-there photos and articles from the Register reporter who was embedded with Vatican media for the entire visit.

In addition, it will offer reflections on what the visit accomplished and content “prompts” to help individuals, parish groups and schools think about and discuss the way forward for truth and reconciliation. Parishes will receive a quantity of magazines for distribution.

Because of extremely strong advertising support from organizations inside and outside the Archdiocese, the Register is able to provide copies to its paid subscribers – they do not need to pick up a copy at the parish. Non-subscribers will be able to get single copies at church or by contacting Circulation Manager Stephanie Williams at at a cover price of $15.99.

Bulk purchases are available at discount – contact

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