Prayer Group

St. Joseph’s Church is proud and happy to have a PRAYER GROUP which has been in existence before the early 1990’s.

Current Prayer Leaders

Leader Wavell D'Souza 416-498-0948
Deputy Leader Patty Haley
Spiritual Advisor Deacon Vinh Tran


The Prayer Group Leaders are supported by a Core Team comprising of:

  1. Intercessory
  2. Music
  3. Finance
  4. Hospitality
  5. Set-Up

All are baptized Catholics, who are assigned respective roles.

The Leaders meet with the Core Team once a month to discuss and share plans of the Prayer Group. In addition, the Intercessory Team meets once a month to fast/pray over all prayers received mainly from members who put their petitions in a special box, which is prayed over every Thursday by the group. Often, prayer requests are received from members or community over the phone or in writing. All petitions are held in strict confidence. The Music Ministry meets every Wednesday to practice songs selected by the respective Day Leader who will be leading the Praise/Worship. Finance Team helps to count/maintain record of the love offerings received every Thursday during the Prayer Service. This is accumulated and then donated to various charities, once a year. The Hospitality and Set-Up Team helps with the fellowship activities.


Prayer is one of the most powerful, beautiful and free gift one can offer – this Ministry prays for the needs of the Parish/Parishioners, community as well as the world.  God’s steadfast love, humility,healing and forgiveness is emphasised and fostered for each other, through Prayers, Praise/Worship and Scripture Readings/Reflections.  This not only helps to strengthen members on their spiritual journey but, to also seek a closer encounter with the Lord.

What Work We Do

Although most members are Parishioners of St. Joseph’s Church, we welcome other Christians within the community. While members learn to ‘Proclaim, Profess and Practice God’s Teachings’, they are encouraged to live “The Body of Christ” to all in need.

  • Through the “Life in the Spirit” Seminars (held occasionally) we motivate and encourage others to join us to work and spread God’s glory.
  • During the Lenten Season, and occasionally on other ‘prayer days’, the Leaders invite Speakers to give special Talks where all are invited to attend.
  • Healing Service is also organized to promote spiritual healing of body, mind and soul. Invitations are extended to Parishioners as well as other Parishes in the community.
  • Promote and help members to attend catholic/religious rallies and retreats.

This Ministry meets every Thursday in the Church Hall from 7.30 – 9.15 p.m. We commence our Prayer evening, by reciting the Rosary, followed by Praising, Interceding and Thanking God for his numerous blessings received and those yet to come, through Spiritual songs, Reflections/Teachings, which all conform to the Catholic Church.   We feel truly blessed to find time to dedicate this special evening focusing on the Holy Trinity.  Needless to say, this place is also filled with warmth and care, as we greet/meet, pray and fellowship with one another, while striving to encourage, comfort and spread God’s love and mercy amongst our dear Sisters and Brothers.

For any further information, please feel free to contact any of the above Prayer Leaders.