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Mission Statement

To be a resource and a catalyst for a responsible use of technology to grow and nurture a community of faith rooted in catholic values.

What is this ministry about?

As of March 2018, the parish of St. Josephs begun a journey on the modernization and utilization of technology with in the church with the overall mission of building community and enhancing the spiritual life of the parish.


  • Paul Mascarenhas
  • Isis Rebello
  • Frank Taylor
  • David Gowe
  • Maskie Fernandes
  • Mike McManus
  • Barbara Sullivan
  • Marla Tanuan

How does it work?

A committee in-charge of all the technology assets of St. Joseph’s Church was formed. The responsibility of this committee includes, but not limited to, maintaining, improving and managing things like the Multimedia System, Audio System, Parish Website and other such assets. It will also oversee the development and/or use of new technologies and systems.

What does the Ministry do?

Multimedia & AV

Operate the Hardware & Software to Animate / Live Stream the Mass with Hymns & Video coverage


Curate and publish Content & Publications, Compliance, Digital Artwork, Email Mailboxes and Vendor Management


Consultation, Approval, Procurement and Installation of devices and hardware; Vendor Management


Govern the use & guidelines of Multimedia System during worship; other electronic assets in the church; Communications policy for websites and other properties


Maintenance of Audio system, Music assets, Electrical and Lighting, Multimedia System, AV system in basement

Communications & Support

Running the Narthex TV communications; Technology related services and guidance; Support other ministries (as required)

How do I get involved?

This is a new ministry and will be looking for individuals who have technological skills (novice to expert) covering the variety of Hardware, Software and Services skills.

If you are interested, you can fill in the form below and submit your interests; or contact any of the members listed or via the Church Office.

    You will be sent a copy of this comment. Additionally, you could get a response back to your comment.