Youth Supper Saint

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The Program

Supper Saints have the choice to provide all or part of the meal for 10 to 12 High School youth who are attending HS FOUNDATIONS.  As the number of youth increase, a second Supper Saint will be scheduled on the same night. Preparing for 10-12 is already very large task and your time is greatly appreciated.

  1. A vegetable dish (salad or hot veggies)
  2. A main dish 
  3. A dessert (fruits, sweets or frozen…)

Please contact the youth minister to find out which dates are waiting for a Supper Saint. Please indicate which parts of the supper you would like to make for the group.  Please give your receipts to the Youth Minister for reimbursement.

Feel free to contact the Youth Minister if you want to discuss becoming a Supper Saint 🙂


Angie Bernard
Youth Minister

[wp-svg-icons icon=”mail-2″ wrap=”i”]
[wp-svg-icons icon=”steam” wrap=”i”] 416-283-8442  (home)
[wp-svg-icons icon=”steam” wrap=”i”] 647-242-8429 (cell)
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What does a Supper Saint do?

This is what a Supper Saint does…

  • Decides what meal to make
  • Delivers the supper (or part of it) at 4:30 PM on the designated date,  ready to serve. If it is a challenge to deliver it hot, we can make arrangements to deliver it earlier, so I can heat it in the oven 
  • Avoids all NUTS.
  • Enters from door #200, at the back of the hall, closest to the hall kitchen. The door may be locked, so please ring the doorbell on the upper left side, and we will come to open the door.
  • If you are delivering the supper in containers that you would like returned, please consider returning at 6:00 p.m. to pick them up.

We supply plates, cutlery and napkins. Please let me know if I need to bring bowls.