Nativity Play

christmas crib figures

Are you looking for a gift to GIVE Jesus?

If you are between 3 years old and 12 years old, you can be a member of the Nativity Play to be presented on Christmas EVE.

When? Monday, December 24th , 4:20 to 4:45 PM

Where? in the church, BEFORE the 5 PM Mass

Practice? Monday, December 24th , 3 PM to 4:00 PM, followed by a snack. Enter through the hall door, near the kitchen.

Costumes? If your child can arrive wearing a white top, that would help with some of the costumes. For the Angel
CHOIR and the multitude of shepherds, we need your help! If you are willing to bring angel wings or halos and beige/white
pillow cases, that would be appreciated. (We do have costumes for Mary, Joseph, the Kings, the Innkeeper, 5 angels and 3

What ABOUT Mass? The play will be finished early enough for the participants to remove their costumes and return to
the pew to sit with their family.

Call Angie at 647-242-8429 if you have questions