SSVP Year End Report – 2019

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In 2019 we did 292 home visits helping 129 families consisting of 218 children and 271 adults, the numbers include the Christmas Appeal visits.

In 2019 your ‘Neighbours-In-Need’ donations were $32066 and our expenses were $29288. We started the year with $1051. We ended the year with a surplus of $3829. The value of the ‘Gifts-in-kind’ donated by you the sponsors and parishioners was $5377. Your generosity is gratefully acknowledged.

Through the year, exclusive of our Christmas Appeal, these monies enabled us to provide to those in need in our parish and the immediate surroundings;

  • No-Frills gift cards for food assistance, totaling $9850
  • Salvation Army vouchers for clothing and small household items, totaling $1850.
  • Beds & small furniture items from our SSVP store, totaling $2470.
  • TTC tokens to families in need of transportation, totaling $324
  • Miscellaneous Items purchased at Wal-Mart Items, totaling $320
  • Supplied fire wood for an elderly couple, no cost
  • Delivered 23 “winter coats for kids” sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.
  • Uploaded $2000 each to the Scarborough East and Toronto Central councils who in turn provided needed assistance to poorer conferences, parishes in the Scarborough and Downtown areas.

During the Christmas Appeal we helped 91 families providing each family with a No-Frills gift card for food, totaling $8195, a Wal-Mart gift card for each child under 13, totaling $3500 and Christmas cookies, totaling $360.

  • 42 families with their 95 excited kids attended the Christmas party put on by the Knights of Columbus to which we fully participated, our shared costs were $465.
  • Distributed Christmas hampers of Gifts & Gift cards donated by sponsors to designated families value of

Upcoming Activities - For Spring 2020

There will be two “Bundle Up” weekends this year with one taking place in the April and the other end of August.

In April we will be taking requests for Camps Marygrove for girls and Ozanam for boys for those children who reside in our parish. This year we had a total of 42 girls and boys who attended camp.