SSVP Year End Report – 2021

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In 2021 completed 302 home visits helping 99 families, with 153 children and 213 adults.

In 2021, your ‘Neighbours-In-Need’ donations were $27504 and our expenses were $35066. We started the year with $11390. We ended the year with a surplus of $3828.We received a sizeable donation of $4800 from a sponsor’s fundraiser through “Canadahelps” and a local dinner and dance. Lastly the value of the ‘Gifts-in-kinds’ donated this year was $3950. Your generosity is gratefully acknowledged.

In 2021 the pandemic limited the amount of assistance we could provide due to closures of both our SSVP stores and Salvation Army Thrift stores. Your donations enabled us to provide to those in need, within our parish boundaries, and the immediate surroundings, the following:

  • PC gift cards for food assistance, totaling $26110
  • Salvation Army vouchers for clothing and small household items, totaling $470 
  • Beds & small furniture items from our SSVP store, totaling $1200
  • TTC tokens to families in need of transportation, totaling $887
  • Provided rent assistance to family in desperate need totaling $1300
  • Covered the cost of a utility bill for another family cost $318 
  • Delivered 34 “winter coats for kids” in collaboration with the Knights of Columbus, cost $335.
  • This year for the first time we provided “Back to School” assistance for approximately
  •  24 children cost $600 using Walmart gift cards.
  • Due to the pandemic the boys and girl camps were closed.
  • Bundleup Weekend April 24&25 was cancelled but we did however have a successful Bundleup in September the 25&26. A big thanks to the volunteers who helped and to the parishioners who donated. 
  • During the Christmas Appeal we helped 74 families and 134 children. We provided each family with a PC gift card for food, totaling $12000, a Wal-Mart gift card for each child under 15, totaling $4300 added TTC tokens totaling $400.
  • Unfortunately, the annual Christmas party, co-sponsored with the Knights of Columbus was cancelled. Also cancelled was the distribution of toys from the firefighters which we normally give at the party.

Upcoming activities for 2022

  • “Bundle Up” weekends are scheduled for April 30 & May 1st and in the fall Sept. 24 & 25.
  • Boys and girl’s camps this summer are a question mark.