Technology Evenings

Introducing “Technology Evenings”

The St. Josephs Parish Technology Ministry is a newly formed ministry with the aim on increasing the Technology presence at St. Josephs. More information on this ministry can be found at the Technology Ministry page on the website.

In keeping with its mission statement, the St. Josephs Parish Technology Ministry announces interactive technology sessions called “Technology Evenings” at St Joseph’s.

This is a fun and technology-filled evenings for various ages and various themes. The content ranges from Technology and Science projects, to Technology courses & workshop series, to technology games. These evenings are guaranteed to keep you engaged and bring you closer to the technology you use everyday.

Our first Technology Evenings event kicks off in April this year. See the upcoming events below for more information…

#1 Productivity Essentials of Microsoft Office

This 3-part workshop series is being held on May 13, June 10 and July 8 2020 evenings at 7:00 pm via Online Webinar. It is free for St Joseph’s parishioners, and seats are limited, so book your seat early by visiting the St Joseph’s website for more information and registration.

For full details on the workshop series as well as to register, go to the Productivity Essentials of Microsoft Office page on this website.