Sunday November 11th, 2018 Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B


Masses for the Week

Sat. Nov. 10

  • 9:00 am † Beatification of Frank Duff
  • 5:00 pm † Elias Diniz

Sun. Nov. 11

  • 9:00 am † Deceased Members of the CWL
  • 11:00 am For the People of the Parish
  • 7:00 pm † Deceased Members of the Prayer Group

Mon. Nov. 12

  • 9:00 am Intention of Alison Augustin

Tues. Nov. 13

  • 9:00 am Intention of Tat Siu & Maria Fan

Wed. Nov. 14

  • 9:00 am Intention of The Cenacle Group

Thur. Nov. 15

  • 9:00 am † Nora Anderson

Fri. Nov. 16

  • 9:00 am
    • † Michael & Margaret Mullane
    • † Senator Tobias Enverga
    • † Margaret Heath
    • † Curtis Washer
    • † Albino Da Rosa

Sat. Nov. 17

  • 9:00 am † Myrtle D’Souza
  • 5:00 pm Intention of the Gracias & Remedios Families

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St. Joseph's Church is Wheelchair Accessible; ramps are available at the North and South exits of the church

Wheelchair Accessible


Today’s gospel contrasts counterfeit devotion with true generosity. Jesus warns about those who exploit their position of religious leadership. To gain church prestige by conspicuous dress, or to seek deferential greetings or honored seats, is hypocrisy. Lengthy prayers cannot make amends for exploitation of the helpless. Jesus, whose ministry was supported by the contributions of women, noticed that the rich gave to God only from their surplus, while a poor widow contributed everything she had. Her offering was the more noteworthy because widows at that time were especially vulnerable-they did not inherit their husbands estates. In the first reading, another poor widow, a pagan, shares with God’s prophet the last morsel of food she has for herself and her son. God is not outdone in generosity and her food supply lasts until the famine ends. The generosity of these two widows is like God’s generosity in giving us everything he had, Jesus; Jesus in turn showed us what God is like by offering himself for our sins. He continues to pray for us in God’s presence!

(Sunday Mass Book)


We have a committee in-charge of all the technology assets of St. Joseph’s Church. The responsibility of this committee includes, but not limited to, maintaining, improving and managing things like the Multimedia System, Audio System, Parish Website and other such assets. It will also oversee the development and/or use of new technologies and systems in keeping with the overall mission of building community and enhancing the spiritual life of the parish.

The members are Maskie Fernandes, Mike McManus, David Gowe, Barbara Sullivan, Isis Rebello, Frank Taylor, Marla Tanuan and Paul Mascarenhas.

We thank them for accepting to serve our parish in this new ministry.


Wednesday, November 21; 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica

65 Bond Street, Toronto

Join Aid to the Church in Need for a prayer vigil with Cardinal Collins and stand in solidarity with the 200 million persecuted Christians worldwide, alongside other faith minorities, who suffer unjustly for their peacefully held beliefs.

For more details on Red Wednesday please visit:

Contact: Felipe Bezerra - 416-785-0498


[wp-svg-icons icon="tags" wrap="i"] Important sacramental announcements and actions this week! 

The registration and enrollment Process and Requirements as well as the Schedule for First Reconciliation/Communion and Confirmation are now available.

Check the following pages periodically for the latest updates.


The missals are now available for sale in the Narthex at a cost of $5.00 each. There will be a limited number of Missals for use ONLY in the Church for those who do not wish to have their own personal copy. These will be found at the East and West entrances to the Church at the beginning of Advent and should be returned to their respective locations after each Mass.


The students would like to thank the parishioners who came to the Narthex on Oct. 28th to “Meet a Saint”. So many to meet and learn about!


Mark in your calendars:

Saturday, November 17, 2018; 9:30 a.m - 2:00 p.m.

CWL Apple Pies, Tea Room, International Foods, Vendors, Treasures, Baked Goodies and interesting items to purchase.

Join us to help support those less fortunate.

Donation of baked goodies will be greatly appreciated. These can be dropped off on Friday, November 16th in the Church Hall from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

For more information please call: Lucia: 416-283-3536 or Ingrid: 416-282-8775


Right to Life Christmas Cards are available for purchase.

The cost is $8.00 per package. Contact Lucia for information at 416-283-3536

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As members of our Catholic community, we regularly benefit from the tireless service of our priests. Called by God and ordained to care for His people, our priests serve our families, in churches, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, missions and on the streets. The Shepherds’ Trust ensures our priests can live their retirement years with dignity. For many of our retired shepherds, this means “lending a hand” to accommodate their special needs so that they continue to live with dignity.

The Shepherds’ Trust collection will take place in all parishes in the Archdiocese during the weekend of November 17 & 18. Envelopes will be distributed during this weekend.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.





  • Nov. 9th: FAMILY Night at EDGE.
    • We met Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati at “Base Camp” He will be our guide this year.
  • Nov. 23rd: We will gather our gear for the climb.
    • What will we need? Join us at EDGE from 7:00 to 8:45 p.m.

You can still register. Forms are in the Narthex and online (address found below).

For information go to Youth Ministry - EDGE page



St. Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. What does it mean to a youth? If you are in High School, come join us on December 2nd at 4:00 p.m. to find out.

For information go to Youth Ministry - HS Foundations page